Etsy Shoppers: Kim Jackson’s High-Quality Posters

Photo by Robert Hart
Photo by Robert Hart

Thicker than your typical poster, Kim’s original cigar band collage mosaics are scanned at an extremely high resolution for excellent detail and color. You can even see the original signature.

Her originals sell from $1,500 to $7,000, but you can get one of these high-quality posters in her Etsy Shop, KJackArt:


5 thoughts on “Etsy Shoppers: Kim Jackson’s High-Quality Posters

  1. I received the Archer high quality print today as a reddit Secret Santa gift exchange ( because my profile says my favorite show is Archer. I wish I could have rated the gift an 11. Seriously, this was probably the coolest gift I have received in my adult life. I know you were just fulfilling an order from my Secret Santa, but I almost feel as if it is a gift from you as well.


      • Are you working on any other prints? My wife and I like the style, but would like to see an expansion of subjects beyond what you have now.


      • I have some things in the works but nothing that I can offer at this foment. I mostly work on a commission basis. If you have any suggestions I’m happy to hear them! Or if you’d ever want to commission something let me know. 🙂


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